The Successful Home Sale: Step 4 – To Prep a Home for Sale (or Not?)

Home Preparation

What catches your attention best – ‘fixer’ or ‘move-in ready’? At opposite ends of the scale, these two options have very different audiences. Both audiences require different levels of home preparation to garner interest. CONDITION Move-in Ready – functionally sound, and cosmetically appealing Fixer – usually implies deferred maintenance, visibly worn and often outdated PRICING Read More

The Successful Home Sale: Step 3 – Evaluate Your Home Price

Home Price

Consumers have a general idea of the average home price in their neighborhood. But, when the time comes for them to sell their house, opinions are expressed that their house should sell for more than it may be worth. A number of factors contribute to those opinions: List prices as seen on flyers Zestimates How Read More

The Successful Home Sale: Step 2 – Get Real.

Home Sale Uncertainy

A common comment made by would-be sellers is “We don’t have to sell”. And that may very well be true. But something is causing you to think about selling. Really explore those reasons. If the reason isn’t solid enough, perhaps it’s not the right time. Is lack of information holding you back, or is it Read More

The Successful Home Sale: Step 1 – Weighing Your Options

Home Sale Pt. 1

Thinking of Selling? There was a time when California homeowners moved on average, every seven years. That average has changed drastically and is now deemed to be every 20 years. (These figures were stated at the California Association of Realtors conference by CEO Joel Singer 4/15). If it’s been a long while since you’ve sold Read More

Property Inspection Types

Home Inspection

Most common inspections done for a residential property: Pest Inspection (will include costs for most, but not all repairs noted) Property Inspection (costs of repairs not quoted, as these may be done by a variety of contractors) Roof Inspection (will include costs for repairs) Based on recommendations from the reports above, buyers may hire other Read More

Cash is King, or Is It?

Home Price

Despite the number of all cash buyers in the market, other buyers are making offers and buying properties. What other options do you have in writing an attractive offer for a seller, when you’re not the only buyer in the equation? Contingencies and Timelines: Non-contingent – you don’t have to sell a property Appraisal contingency Read More

Real Estate Then and Now


Once upon a time, real estate transactions occurred face-to-face.Time and technology have changed things greatly. Here’s a few of ways that’s happened. THEN Agents met with sellers and buyers in their homes or offices. Buyer’s agents presented offersto the seller’s agent in person. Agents were the sole keepers of active home listing information. You had to drive to Read More

Glory Days – Pluses and Minuses of the 2005 Market


It’s hard not to look back on our ‘good market’ several years back, and long for those days again. But everything wasn’t all rosy.Part 1 of this two part series will illustrate what was good and not so good about the market back then.Part 2 will highlight the ‘silver lining’ in the market we’re now in. Sellers Read More

The Market Now – Reality Check


Part 1 of this post focused on the peak of the real estate market in 2005, longingly remembering the rush those prosperous days brought. This is certainly the antithesis of that.  Our expected ‘correction’ seemed endless, leaving economists scratching their heads, save for a few who predicated the bust.  But the real estate world as Read More